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Rise up, fight illegal mining

In recent times, illegal mining, popularly known as galamsay is one of the major cankers facing most African countries especially Ghana 🇬🇭.

This abase deteriorate the very good natural resources we have in the country, land, water bodies, vegetation, and air just to mention a few.

The act of illegal mining has a tremendous negative impact on our lands, vegetation and most importantly our water bodies.

The majority of the water bodies have been destroyed and polluted. River Anko and river Pra for instance have had the worst treatment and management from this generation. Where the water bodies have been polluted with all sort of dangerous chemicals.

In the recent video titled “Say No To Galamsay ” Brodaman could not hide his grieve.

He was worried about how illegal mining is destroying our vegetation and water bodies yet still our leaders aren’t taking any actions and has turned deaf-ears to this very canker destroying our lands

Brodaman is convinced that our very own leaders are behind the destruction of our lands and water bodies through illegal mining. Providing gadgets, tools and machineries hence the the advancement of the destruction .

Say No to Galamsay

Arise Ghana 🇬🇭 youth to defend your nation for the nation requires your devotion let’s all unite to uphold Mother Ghana 🇬🇭 she’s bleeding 🩸 mercilessly.

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